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Corporate Site


A corporate site, or as it is sometime called “a brochure site”, is the standard type of web site most companies will start with this to ease themselves into e-business.

Typically this type of site will contain background info on your organisation, will detail how customers can get in touch and will describe the products & services your organisation offers. Some more advanced features you might also have with this type of site are user feedback forms, search engine, mailing lists and password protected pages for registered users.

Depending on the number of products & services you offer this type of site can be anything from a few pages to a few hundred pages. Usually a corporate site does not require much programming effort, therefore the cost is determined by the number of pages & the complexity of the design layout.

To establish this type of site for you (or even just to make over an existing site) GTI design will :-

  • Help you determine your sites goals & purpose
  • Help you define your intended audience
  • Help you define your typical users access method

We will then develop a site for you that :-

  • Is tailored to you intended audience
  • Is scalable to meet your future requirements
  • Has a unique look & feel in keeping with your corporate image
  • and most importantly of all fulfils the purpose it was created for
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